Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Challenge testing - so far, so good!

My oldest son has been slowly challenge testing with baked milk products.  We have tried little bits of margarine (which contains whey) baked in cookies and the like.  So far, he has had NO symptoms.  No excessive gas, no hives, no rash, NOTHING:)  So happy.

The next thing we have tried was an imitation cheese.  It is lactose-free but contains casein in it.  I was hesitant at first, but decided that I would just keep a close watch on him.  Again, no reaction!!!  This makes me very happy.  Hopefully this means that if he were to get a trace amount of milk products while out and about (or if he travels abroad) then he will have no problems with it.  It is easy to spot cheese, sour cream, and the like, but not so easy to spot hidden dairy items like whey and casein.  I am thrilled that he has thus far passed the challenge tests.

The next test I plan on trying is baking 1/4 c of straight cow's milk into something like pancakes with the rest using almond milk.  I may start with a smaller amount at first.  The last time I tried this, he broke out head to toe in a rash.  However, due to his current challenge test results, I think I am finally ready to try again.  Here's hoping for success!!!

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Gratefulfoodie said...

This post could not have been any timelier! My son passed a bake dairy challenge with milk baked into cake. Then I tried chocolate chips, which did not work.

I was thinking of using butter is some recipes, but was worried about that. Now, I feel vindicated and I'm going to try out butter in something this weekend!
Thank you for the inspiration!