Friday, February 20, 2009

Gluten and Dairy-Free 72-Hr Kit Food List

My friend Donna sent this to me.  It is a list of food items for a 72-hr emergency kit.  This is a great kit to have on hand in case you lose all power, have to evacuate due to weather conditions, or come across any other emergencies.  Especially with food allergies, emergency shelters will be hard pressed to be able to accommodate your needs (especially if you are also allergic to gluten...I can't imagine!).  I plan on updating my 72-hr kit this month:)  (Note:  With a dairy-only allergy, you can add things like graham crackers or teddy grahams (double check labels!!!), saltine crackers, dairy-free granola bars and the like, if you want to supplement your food.  You can also substitute soymilk or rice milk for the almond milk.)

Gluten & Dairy Free 72 hour kit (Compiled by J. Dalley)


3 Larabars
1 pkg Lundberg Rice Cakes
1 bag of GF Granola (like Bakery on Main)
4 Beef Jerky
1 Can of Chicken or Tuna
1 box of Mary’s Gone Crackers
2 cans of Dinty Moore Beef Stew
1 can of Hormel Chili
2 Applesauce
2 Canned Fruit
3 Fruit Leather
3 Fruit Roll-up or Fruit Snacks
2 boxes of raisins
2 boxes of Pacific Almond Milk
1 juice box
1 container of Country Time Lemonade
1 jar of Peanut or other Nut Butter
1 small jar of Honey
1 gallon of water
1 Big-E Cup of Eclipse Gum
Condiments: Jelly, Mayo, Mustard, Pickle Relish

Day 1
Breakfast: 1 Larabar, 1 Applesauce
Lunch: 2 Beef Jerky, 1 Canned Fruit
Dinner: 1 can of Beef Stew, 4 crackers
Snack: 1 box of raisins, 1 fruit leather, peanut butter & honey, gum
Drink: Almond Milk, Lemonade/Water

Day 2
Breakfast: 3 Rice Cakes w/ Jelly, GF Granola
Lunch: Chicken Salad w/ crackers
Dinner: Chili, 4 crackers
Snack: 2 fruit roll-up/fruit snacks, peanut butter & honey, gum
Drink: 1 juice box, Lemonade/Water

Day 3
Breakfast: 1 Larabar. 1 Applesauce
Lunch: 2 Beef Jerky, 1 Canned Fruit
Dinner: 1 can of Beef Stew, 4 crackers
Snack, 1 box of raisins, rice cakes with peanut butter & honey, gum
Drink: Almond Milk, Lemonade/Water


Michelle said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I have always worried about what I would do for my son in an emergency and now I have a great list to start compiling an emergency kit for him. Thanks again!

Juventa said...

You're welcome:) I'm glad that it will be helpful to you!

Karen Smith said...

I am so grateful that I found your blog! I know its been a few years since you blogged this 72-hour Kit list but I would just like to say "Thank You!" Your list is so helpful to a newbie, like myself, with gluten and dairy allergies. I am looking forward to searching the rest of your blog.