Monday, February 2, 2009

Alternative sources of calcium with dairy allergy

Here is a list of the amount of calcium everyone needs (by age), and sources of where we can get it.  I got this list from Anne Gibbens, who got it from her nutritionist:

100 grams = about 1/2 cup

Daily Recommendations for Calcium
(Age - Calcium (mg))
0 to 6 months - 210 mg
7 to 12 months - 270 mg
1 to 3 years - 500 mg
4 to 8 years - 800 mg
9 to 18 years - 1,300* mg
19 to 50 years - 1,000 mg
Over 50 years - 1,200 mg

Non-Dairy Sources of Calcium (Amount needed to consume listed first; mg of calcium received listed second)

Fortified Rice Milk - 1 cup - 300 mg
Fortified Apple Juice - 1 cup
Calcium-fortified soymilk - 1 cup - 350 mg
Calcium-fortified orange juice - 1 cup - 350 mg
Oatmeal made with alt. milk - 1 cup - 300 mg
Calcium-fortified dry cereal - 1 oz. - 200-300 mg
Collards, cooked - 1 cup - 266 mg
Spinach - 1 cup - 291 mg 
Blackstrap molasses - 1 Tbsp. - 172 mg
Turnip greens, cooked - ½ cup - 124 mg
Cowpeas, cooked - ½ cup - 106 mg
Kale, cooked - 1 cup - 90 mg
Broccoli, cooked - 1 cup - 71 mg
Other veggies and most fruit - 1 cup - 10-60 mg

I made her broccoli soup and she loved it. To thicken the soup, I use potatoes instead of cream/milk. It made for a very hearty soup that added to her calcium count.

Anne Gibbens
Loudoun Allergy Network


Kristi said...

Thanks for your blog! My twins are 7 months old, and they both have really bad eczema. At their 6 month check up, their doctor said they might be allergic to milk. Since I am still nursing, I went milk free for a week, and their skin cleared up beautifully. Back on milk for less than 24 hours, and their skin was as bad as ever. So, now we've been milk free for about a month, and it has been so hard for me to cook dinner. Your blog and website have really been helpful (especially finding a milk free margarine). Thank you and good luck to you and your family. :)

Juventa said...

You're welcome:) Good luck with going milk free. When I was nursing, I craved Olive Garden. I had some Parmesan Cheese and sure enough my daughter was screaming in pain within two hours of nursing her. I realized that if I still wanted to nurse her, I needed to be more disciplined. It's a hard sacrifice, but worth it:)

Allen Wilson said...
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