Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Egg Substitutes for those with egg allergy

When my son had an egg allergy, I used the following substitutes to replace eggs in baking:

- Use applesauce instead of eggs (approx. 1/4 c = 1 egg) Note: You may need to add 1/2 tsp. baking powder as a rising agent when using applesauce.
- Use EnerG Egg replacer (found in most health food stores)
- 1 T water + 1T soy flour = 1 egg
- 1 tsp. unflavored gelatin (like Knox blox) = 1 egg (to make 1 egg, combine 1 tsp. unflavored gelatin with 3 T cold water. Stir until dissolved. Add 2 T plus 1 tsp. of hot water and stir. When using your own recipes, decrease the liquid called for in your recipe by about 1/4 c to compensate for the water added from the "egg.")


Katrina said...

My favorite substitute in baked goods is:

1 1/2 tbs canola oil
1 1/2 tbs water
1 tsp baking powder

It has worked like a charm! Cakes are moist and taste great.

Juventa said...

Thanks so much for sharing!!! I appreciate it:)