Sunday, September 6, 2009

Working with a fussy baby

I have quickly learned that going dairy-free doesn't solve everything for my 2 month old nursing baby. We have tried gripe water and Mylicon, however, she still spit up a lot and was fussy. We finally took her back to the pediatrician and we suspect reflux. We were prescribed Zantac and it has seemed to help quite a lot. Because of that, I decided to try some ice cream and chocolate cake. The next day, she screamed all day and spit up all day, even with the Zantac. She also broke out in a very light rash (not sure what from). So, I'm back off of all dairy while nursing in addition to the Zantac. She still fusses a little bit, but it is much more manageable. My biggest challenge now is trying to get my protein in and calcium in. Having fortified Orange Juice, Soy Milk and Rice Milk has helped a lot. Also, including nuts (thankfully we have no allergies there), beans, and meat (I'm enjoying making chicken salad and eating it with Triscuits) has helped a lot. Cooking from scratch and eating whole foods has its benefits, not only with the budget, but on our health as well:) I just need to look at it as having the glass half full rather than half empty, and in so doing will have a lovely cup of lemonade!

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