Sunday, September 6, 2009

Quick and portable LUNCH ideas that are dairy-free!

Here is a list of some quick and easy lunch ideas that are dairy-free and balanced (including a whole grain, produce, and protein). Keep in mind that we do not have any nut allergies, and that I am aware that many children who have dairy allergies are also allergic to nuts. Also, ALWAYS double check the labels to ensure that they are dairy-free!!! To make these meals portable, I use little tupperware containers (there are so many sizes now) or ziplock bags. I typically drink water with all my meals, but you can also get 100% juice boxes to go with them. You can also add dried fruit or nuts.

- Whole wheat tortilla with peanut butter and sliced banana rolled into a wrap (so simple, tasty, and satisfying!)
- Chicken salad (cooked, finely chopped chicken with dairy-free mayonnaise - you can use the canned chicken), 6 Triscuits (I LOVE the flavored kind...olive oil and cracked pepper, fire roasted tomato, rosemary and olive oil...), Veggie sticks and hummus as dip
- Black beans or refried beans, whole wheat tortilla, salsa, and lettuce with a side of fruit
- Whole wheat tortilla with hummus, sliced turkey or chicken, lettuce or baby spinach, and tomato or salsa rolled into a wrap (These wraps came in very handy on a picnic, and I was amazed at how tasty the hummus was used instead of mayonnaise. I pre-made them and put them into ziplock bags. I then had water and little natural applesauce cups with disposable plastic spoons. These worked perfectly at the park and were filling.)
- Calzone or empanada (kind of like a pizza pocket without the cheese...I like to make them ahead of time and freeze them for a quick meal. If making the empanadas, put some of the spaghetti sauce on the inside so that it's not as messy), Salad or veggie sticks
- Whole wheat bread (I like using the little Arnold's rounds as a special treat. They are a fun shape and you can make a sandwich with them or make a quick pizza using sauce and any toppings you want), Tuna or Egg Salad, carrots and grapes
- Chili (in a tupperware) and cornbread (make your own, dairy-free)
- Pasta served with a spaghetti meat sauce with a fruit or vegetable on the side
- Classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich with fruit or veggie sticks

If you have any more quick lunch ideas, please feel free to post them here! The more, the merrier!!!

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