Friday, October 17, 2008

Website Updated!

I've finally updated my website:  I am in the final phases of my cookbook and can't wait until it is published:)  I hope that it can help others out there who struggle with milk allergies but don't know where to begin.  This has been a long process, but I think that the end results will be worth it!


Maranda said...

Hey there... any idea when your cookbook will be complete? I have a 14 month old who has a dairy allergy and I am just getting increasingly worried about her nutrition - without cheese, yogurt, milk, etc. I just worry that she is missing out on some good nutrients. Plus, she is starting to get pretty picky in her eating, and because my pediatrician doesn't want me introducing eggs, nuts, soy, etc. (other likely allergens) I feel so limited in what I can give her... I don't blame her for being "sick" of a lot of the things she gets so often. Anyway, looking forward to your cookbook! Blessings, Maranda

Juventa said...


I'm hoping to have my cookbook completed by Christmas. If it doesn't happen, then hopefully by February of next year.

As far as your 14 month old goes, a few suggestions would be to find a calcium supplement to give her, if she'll take it. Another way to get calcium is to give her calcium enriched orange juice (even though it costs more, it's worth it. I LOVE the KIDS minute maid) or calcium fortified rice milk since she can't have soy. Broccoli also has calcium. Going without soy will be a lot harder, as rice milk doesn't cook or set up as nice. Also, taking soy out is really difficult in terms of finding a good butter/margarine to use, although lots of people do it. My favorite egg replacer that I used in baking pancakes, etc. was EnerG Egg replacer. It is completely safe and worked pretty good. I'm pretty sure it doesn't have any soy in it, though I don't know as I haven't used it for years. You can also try substituting applesauce or T oil+1/2 tsp baking powder for an egg (play around with the amounts). Can she have wheat or white flour? If so, there are still a lot of options for her.


Spaghetti with marinara sauce (you can add pureed veggies if she's picky about eating them separately) and homemade meatballs

Chicken with pasta, steamed rice, or potatoes (there are LOTS of different recipes for chicken that are dairy-free as well as soy-free)

Baked potato topped with homemade chili, salsa, or veggie soup or steamed veggies

Pancakes/waffles made with rice milk and egg replacer topped with applesauce or a favorite syrup

Smoothies (with lots of different fruits...use a frozen banana and 2 c pineapple juice as your base)

Rice Dream ice cream (it's not as good as the purely decadent, but still yummy)

Chocolate cake (see free recipe on my is dairy-free, soy-free, and egg-free, and it's SO good:))

Chinese stir-fry recipes (although, soy sauce is in a lot of'll have to use different seasonings)

Veggie sticks dipped in Catalina, Italian, or Russian dressing (you can let her make veggie people or animals to make it fun)

Hot dogs with steamed mixed veggies (I use the Hebrew National All Beef Hot Dogs...not only do they taste terrific, I'm not afraid of what may be hidden inside).

Bread, muffins, etc. from scratch

Hamburger Macaroni (basically macaroni noodles with hamburger, onion, green pepper, and spaghetti sauce)

Taco Salad without the cheese (double check the taco seasoning mix for possible mix)

Tacos or burritos (again without cheese and sour cream)

Those are just a few suggestions. Good luck!

Maranda said...

A few suggestions!! I'll say!! Thanks sooooooo much! This is really helpful! My pediatrician had me schedule an appt at the allergist for her and they are going to test her for a number of these other potential allergens. I am praying that diary is the only issue because like you said, not being able to have soy (in particular) is really limiting. I am nervous about the testing - I remember having it done when I was a child and I am just not sure how they are going to conduct the test with a wiggly 14 month old! But, hopefully, we'll get a better idea about the allergies that she has.

Thanks again!