Friday, September 14, 2007

Thanksgiving at Dotie's House

Shopping for our visit to California took almost 8 hours for my mother-in-law. She meticulously read every label and did everything she could to ensure a dairy-free Thanksgiving. This meal was the first time we tried to experiment with different dairy-free recipes and desserts. We made "soupy" chocolate pudding from soy milk (I've hence improved it:, runny mashed potatoes, and crumbly cookies. Obviously we had a lot to learn on how to cook without milk. For a yummy treat, she made these delicious apricot sticky buns. As we were eating them, I noticed that my son started breaking out in hives around his mouth. I looked up at her, and I said, "Do these have milk?" She panicked a little, and said, "No I made sure to only use soy milk and I've read all the labels. I even used real butter instead of margarine!" Instant awareness dawned on both of us as we realized where real butter comes from. We both turned to look at my son's hived-faced smile and made a run for the Benadryl.

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