Friday, September 14, 2007

The $90 Surprise

A year ago I purchased a 50 lb. bag of powdered soy milk for $90 to use in times of emergency and for baking. On the front of the package it said, "Non-dairy." I opened the bag (first mistake) getting ready to put it into smaller containers for storage. I hesitated for a moment and decided to read the label just in case and to my horror it said, "Sodium Caseinate." Now I knew that casein had milk, but I wasn't sure about sodium caseinate. So, once again I did a search on the internet for "sodium caseinate" and found out that sure enough it had milk. Of course, because I had opened it, I couldn't return it. Fortunately I found someone who used soy milk and didn't have a milk allergy. I sold it to them at a minimal loss. Once again, ALWAYS READ THE LABEL. Also, when in doubt, call the manufacturer.


Alisa said...

Shocking! Do you know what brand it was?

Juventa said...

It was Soy D-Lite (powdered soy milk). A 50# bag cost $99.50. I ordered it through a bulk shipping facitily called