Friday, September 14, 2007

Chuck E. Cheese, no milk please!

Going to restaurants with a milk allergy can be a real challenge at times. One time we went to Chuck E. Cheese as a family. My oldest son wanted to order food, however, most of the menu items seemed to have milk. After much inquiry, we finally discovered that the dough for the breadsticks was dairy-free, however, they lathered each set with butter while raising. I asked if they could start a new batch but put no dairy on top. So, while the rest of the family ate pizza, my son waited patiently for his breadsticks to dip in marinara sauce. Thirty Minutes later a hot order of freshly baked breadsticks arrived at our table. I took one look at them and then sighed as I saw the mountain of parmesan cheese piled on top. I looked up at the waiter, and he smiled and said, "We made sure that there was no butter on top." I smiled, thanked him for the breadsticks and for his time, and started laughing. With a name like Chuck E. "Cheese" I should've known better. I cut the top half of the breadstick off, and gave my son the bottom portion, hoping that none of the cheese had gotten on it. It's amazing how little people know about what contains dairy:) My advice...never assume that the waiter knows. Always check the label!


Aidan and Bauer said...

I had to laugh...we went to a local Mexican restaurant, made sure their chicken nuggets and fries were all dairy free, etc (all thing you are familiar with) and when they brought the platter the fries were smothered in shredded cheese. What can you do, but laugh?

yummy wasabi said...

oh man, this is so so true! Love it.