Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Challenge testing - it's time:)

My son, who is now 15 1/2, has begged me to try the baked milk challenge test again.  When I baked 1/4 cup milk out of 2 c in corn bread a few years ago (giving him about a tablespoon of baked milk), he broke out in a rash all over, so I have been hesitant to do it again.  That said, I think it is time we tried again as he will soon be going to college and I want to make sure he is safe from hidden sources of dairy.  We are going to try baking in 1 T of regular milk out of 4 c of milk in pancakes, and then I'll watch him closely to see if there is any reaction.  If there is no reaction, then we will slowly increase the amount of baked milk.  I'll keep you posted as to his progress!

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