Monday, November 9, 2009

Dairy-free Halloween Tips

I know that Halloween has already passed, but I wanted to post what we did for Halloween to make it fun AND safe for my kids.

1. I purchased extra candy that was dairy-free. I let the kids go door to door and accept the candy given. When they got home, I went through all their candy and sorted out the dairy-free candy and the non-dairy-free candy. I then let them trade for dairy-free candy. This way they didn't feel left out or excluded and still had fun. Some neighbors know of our allergy and were very kind to provide something extra special for my kids:) I love great neighbors!!! (Note: Due to too many dental bills, I keep their candy up high and give them a little bit each day. At this rate, we may never get through it!!! Maybe I'll send some with my husband to work:))

2. Make meal time fun! For our Halloween festivities, we celebrated the entire day. (I LOVE Saturdays!!!) Here was our menu:

Breakfast: Pumpkin Pancakes with chopped pecans and Apple Spice Syrup (found in my cookbook:

Lunch: Tomato Soup ("blood"), Bone Breadsticks, Fingers (carrots with hummus and almonds as finger nails), Spiders (cucumber slices with pretzel sticks stuck on with hummus), Swamp Juice (green Kiwi/Strawberry Juice with swedish fish)

Dinner: Toes (hot dogs with ketchup as toe nails), Monkey Brains (potato salad), Salad, and Water

Dessert: Dairy-free Chocolate cupcakes with fun decorations (recipe on my website)

Other ideas: "Teeth" - apple slices cut in teeth shapes stuck together with peanut butter, "Bats" - baby carrots with lettuce wings, grape tomato head stuck together with toothpicks.

3. Focus on the fun of dressing up and making fun family memories! For costumes, I made a Mario and Luigi costume for my boys. My daughter was Princess Leia. We also had a bee and a spiderman (store bought). We carved pumpkins and played the Bone game (we cut out a skeleton and hid the different pieces). We also watched some Disney Halloween short movies on You Tube. Overall it was a great day!!!

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