Sunday, September 16, 2007

More ear infections...

After seeing the improvement with my second son and his ear infections, I decided to try the experiment on my fourth son. He also had a history of ear infections. They wanted to do surgery when he was two and then again at three, but I wasn't sure that I wanted to go through that again. Especially since it didn't seem to help his brother long term. As I was deciding on what to do, I got the advice about the connection between ear infections and milk allergy from the ENT for his older brother. So I thought, "What would it hurt to take both of them off all dairy?" My three year old has not had an infection since.

One interesting thing is that my parents babysat for me and gave him pizza. The next morning he woke up screaming holding his ear and saying that it hurt. I did some research that stated that milk can cause extra mucus when you drink it. It makes sense to me that if my boys ears don't drain very well and if they get extra mucus in there, that it will eventually get infected. When I went to an allergist for my fourth asking about the connection between milk allergy and ear infections, he said that it was just a coincidence that his ear hurt after having had the pizza.

Whether or not there is any connection, my boys are now all well as ear infection free:)

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