Thursday, March 31, 2016

Book Review for Evarance - Rise of the Shadows

This is a book review for the new release of the book Evarance - Rise of the Shadows.  First of all, I am a little bit biased because my sister wrote the book.  That said, I LOVED this book!!!  I mean, wow.  I had no idea that Bonnie had such a fierce imagination and a way with words.  Evarance is written for the pre-teen/teen/young adult audience, however, I completely enjoyed reading it as well.  It transforms you into a world of dreams and mystical elemental creatures capturing your heart and your imagination. While reading this book, you think about the reality of your own dreams. What if our dreams were real? Even more, what if we got trapped there?  To enter a drawing for a free book (expires in two days) click on this link.  

Here is an excerpt from the back cover:
It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. She gently lifted the bracelet out of the box and clasped it around her wrist, admiring the little fire charm that shimmered in the sunlight and looked as if it were really burning. She didn’t know it yet, but that one simple act would change everything forever. Trapped in a world of dreams turned to nightmares, Rachel struggles to escape the encroaching darkness and the shadow wolves that hunt her. Aided by firefoxes, mysticorns and other elementals, she must now travel across the land in search of a way to return home. The clock is ticking and death awaits if she fails . . ."
Have you ever had a dream so vivid you were sure it was real only to have woken up to find yourself in bed?  I know I have.  Evarance - Rise of the Shadows takes our dreams to a whole new level when a young girl, Rachel, finds herself surrounded by firefoxes in a world entirely not her own.  When shadow wolves begin hunting her, some mishaps happen and she gets stuck leaving her body in a comatose state.  All seems lost until her brother and sister read her journal and realize that they have been traveling to the SAME place.  (Okay, no more spoilers on the plot.  Read the book!)
This new dream world is filled with magical creatures as well.  Honestly, Bonnie has a beautiful way of intertwining elements with animals.  One example is with Caligo, a mysticorn.  From her book she states, "Caligo didn’t care for confined spaces, so during the nights he stayed outside, dissolving into a low-hanging mist as the cover of darkness fell over the land."  When I read this, I was able to picture this creature as it truly was - solid when ridden, but extremely mysterious and ethereal as it transforms completely into mist.  I felt as if I were a part of the scene, trapped within, rather than just a reader.  Beautifully written.
Full of action, questions, and wonder, Evarance - Rise of the Shadows is a great book for anyone who loves fantasy or who loves the dream world.  It is nice having a clean book on the market that is safe for our children while still full of excitement and suspense.  It has a great story line and is great for adults and kids alike. My son (12) LOVED it and he is an avid reader. Honestly, this would make a great movie. I can't wait for book two to come out!!!
Evarance - Rise of the Shadows is now available for purchase.  Order yours today!

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